Thanks for explaining the results of my blood tests. I haven't had blood work done since my daughter was born 11 years ago!...


A Healthy Heart, Mind and Body comprise many of the objectives of the Institute For Medical Wellness. Heart Disease is the #1 killer of...

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Are you frustrated with a highly regulated healthcare system that results in less quality time with your doctor?

Are you looking for a physician that spends the extra time needed to look for causes and triggers of illness, as opposed to just writing another prescription?

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  • Day 8 2015 IMW Spring Challenge

    Day 8:  “Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn’t.“—- Erica Jong So days 1-7 are about detoxing your body thru food and revving up your metabolism. Now it is the beginning of Week 2. It is time to detox through exercise. Yes exercise is a form of detox. When you exercise Continue Reading

  • Day 7 2015 IMW Spring Challenge

    Day 7 “Never under any circumstances take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night.” —- Dave Berry You have made it through the first 6 days. How bad was it really? I hope the challenge thus far has made you think more about your health in your daily activities. This first week has dealth with resetting your Continue Reading

  • Day 6 of the 2015 IMW Spring Challenge

    Day 6 “All I ask of food is that it doesn’t harm me.”-–Michael Palin I will take this advice. So we are now at Day 6. The first five days may be testing your resolve, but is not that what a challenge is all about? A challenge is supposed to take you away from your comfort zone. If your comfort Continue Reading

  • Day 5 of the 2015 IMW Spring Challenge

    Day 5 “Vegetarian is an old Indian word meaning “lousy hunter.” —-Andy Rooney I will get right to it. Your mini-challenge:  Eat a salad for lunch every day unless you have an intolerance to lettuce. If you do have an intolerance, then eat lots of veggies at lunch, the rawer the better. Salads can be very filling and are very Continue Reading

  • Day 4 of the 2015 IMW Spring Challenge

    “Good advice is often annoying. Bad advice never is.” –—- French proverb. Well…… It is now Day 4. I have challenged you to quite a bit on Days 1-3. So no new dietary challenge today. Instead, today’s challenge is two-fold. First work on continuing the challenges from Days 1-3. Second- It is time for questions from everyone. So please send Continue Reading