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  • My Continuous Glucose Experiment Day 7

    Oh boy. This one should be fun!!! So………………. Today I decided to go off my normal low processed carb diet for part of the day. I wanted to see how my body reacts to a somewhat normal Standard American Diet (SAD). Instead of fasting until lunch with just a cup of tea, I instead drank a Black Cherry soda with Continue Reading

  • My Continuous Glucose Experiment Day 6

    It’s Day 6. I kinda knew this going into this experiment, but this kinda cements it. Processed food drives up your glucose. The past 48 hours have been good. For the most part I barely hit 100 as a high for my glucose levels. Most of today was good as well. For lunch I had a small salad with a Continue Reading

  • My Continuous Glucose Experiment- Day 5

    Day 5: I think I am finally getting the hang of this. But before I go into today’s details, let me tell you something. I was at dinner last evening with family. I saw someone pull out a little black box and look at it. It was a receiver for his own Dexcom continuous glucose monitor (cgm). He has had Continue Reading

  • My Continuous Glucose Experiment- Day 4

    Day 4- the halfway point. The device is still attached to me. I barely noticed it was there today. SO yesterday I was not that happy that the previous day my glucose levels were remaining above 100 or the high 90s for long periods of time. So I asked myself, what can I do to get these numbers back to Continue Reading

  • My Continuous Glucose Experiment Day 3

    Well, I made it to day 3 with this Dexcom device in my abdomen. It’s really not bad at all. I was smart when I had it placed on my left side as I tend to sleep on my right side. What’s funny is I keep forgetting it is there and I feel something and keep thinking a big bug Continue Reading