Thanks for explaining the results of my blood tests. I haven't had blood work done since my daughter was born 11 years ago!...


A Healthy Heart, Mind and Body comprise many of the objectives of the Institute For Medical Wellness. Heart Disease is the #1 killer of...

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Are you frustrated with a highly regulated healthcare system that results in less quality time with your doctor?

Are you looking for a physician that spends the extra time needed to look for causes and triggers of illness, as opposed to just writing another prescription?

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  • I’m back. Thanks for missing me!!

    The Flu-  cross posted on the IMW newsletter, Blog and FB I go away for a week, ask everyone to please remain healthy and not get sick while I am away, and what happens?? It appears that the flu or something close to it has hit our area. I should either not go away on vacations ((not going to happen)), Continue Reading

  • IMW Burger Reviews- Take 4- Smashburger

    Smashburger- the 4th rung of the IMW Burger Reviews. . OK.I took the advice of a few, and went to Smashburger next to Moorestown Mall with my wife and daughter. Here is my review.Location: Smashburger is located next to the Moorestown Mall, on Lenola Ave in the site that formerly held Taconelli’s before it moved to Maple Shade. Normal Food: Continue Reading

  • IMW Burger Research – 3rd Subject- Burger 21

    Burger 21 I go to my dentist the required times per year. Do I like going to the dentist? No. Do I go anyway? Yes My dentist is a good guy. I trust him. But still! So whenever I do something I do not like to do, I like to then do something fun. So after a dental checkup and Continue Reading

  • Can diet reverse and/or treat Diabetes and Cancer?

    It’s time for me to show you a few medical studies about Low Carb/Paleo diet and lifestyle and why they are healthy for you. Diabetes Type 1 diabetes mellitus successfully managed with the paleolithic ketogenic diet This study, which was only with one test subject, so not exactly proof it will work for others until tested with more subjects, put Continue Reading

  • IMW Burger Research – Second Subject – Elevation Burger

    Elevation Burger Location:Moorestown Mall adjacent to Regal Movie Theatre.Normal Food?No different than a Five Guys Burger, Elevation Burger is absolutely normal food, unless you are a Vegetarian.Quick and Easy?Order your meal at the front counter with whatever toppings you want. Your meal is cooked to order and brought to you. I started biting into my burger in about five minutes.  Continue Reading