Thanks for explaining the results of my blood tests. I haven't had blood work done since my daughter was born 11 years ago!...


A Healthy Heart, Mind and Body comprise many of the objectives of the Institute For Medical Wellness. Heart Disease is the #1 killer of...

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Are you frustrated with a highly regulated healthcare system that results in less quality time with your doctor?

Are you looking for a physician that spends the extra time needed to look for causes and triggers of illness, as opposed to just writing another prescription?

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  • Ask DrH and you may be answered – Vol 2

    In the second segment of AskDrH, I received a question about a ketogenic diet. So I decided to ask Jimmy Moore, who has written and few books on ketogenic diets to respond. “Dear Dr. H, I presently test my blood for the presence of Ketones using a blood monitor meter. My question is when is the best time of day Continue Reading

  • Ask DrH and you may be answered – Vol 1

    Ask DrH- Vol 1 Well I received some interesting questions as well as some suggestions. One suggestion was that I start a radio show. So since I allow you to ask me something, I now get to ask you. Do you really think my schtick would work on the airwaves?? But for now, how bout a few of the Ask Continue Reading

  • Debbie- a study of 1 for better metabolic control

      Debbie- a study of 1 for better metabolic control:   I meet with many patients every month. Many have signs of a metabolic disturbance which leads to Obesity, Hypertension and Diabetes, eventually leading to an increased risk of heart disease. My goal when I evaluate and treat patients with metabolic disturbances is to fix the metabolism as close to Continue Reading

  • My Paleo Journey- recap of 2015 IMW Spring Challenge

    I know, I know. The Challenge was 2 months ago and I finally put together a recap post. Well that’s just how it goes. Sometimes, I like things to settle in for a while and reflect back. At times we can be too close to the situation to not really see things as clearly. So….. Here are some overall thoughts Continue Reading

  • Day 32 2015 IMW Spring Challenge

    “Rub a dub-dub. Carnac’s answer to “What does a masseuse do to your dub-dub?” Recap of Week 4 of the 2015 IMW Spring Challenge. Day 22: What makes you Hangry? – by guest poster Steven Kirsch. Day 23: Meditation for Wellness – by guest poster Julie Fischer. Day 24: Further Wellness Reading.  Day 25: Drink nothing but unsweetened beverages. Day Continue Reading