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Back in 2008, when Dr. Horvitz founded the Institute for Medical Wellness (IMW), the goal was to provide you the care you need and deserve, regardless of the dysfunctional healthcare system that has and is still evolving. Dr. Horvitz wanted a practice that was based more on Well-Care than Sick-Care. Based on this premise, the IMW was born. Here is how it has evolved and is still evolving.

Relationship Based Care:

Having a good trusting relationship with your family physician is of utmost importance. The IMW and Direct Primary Care (DPC) system allows for everyone involved at the IMW to get to know each other very well. 

Benefits of IMW:

Easier to get an appointment- Same and Next Day appointments for established patients is the norm.

Less waiting time- We do not overbook or double book appointments.

Longer appointments/time with Dr. Horvitz - Appointments average 20-60 minutes

At the IMW we do not try to hide from you or make it difficult to reach us. Instead we provide many different types of communication including in-office consultations, telephone consults, Secure patient portal email messages, and beginning in July of 2019, Spruce app for secure texting.

Focus on Wellness and Prevention:

Most traditional primary care offices are so inundated with Sick visits, that they are not fun places to visit. They are usually overcrowded and often understaffed, which leads to difficulty getting an appointment for Sick or Well-Care. This is NOT a shot at my colleagues. I do not fault them. It is a shot at the traditional healthcare system that has evolved to be a Sick-care system beholden more to insurer, government and corporate interests, than to you, the individual.

At the IMW, we do things different. Our primary focus is on you, the individual. Our mission is to help you learn how to best remain healthy and free of chronic disease processes so that you can lead a long, healthy, happy and productive life. Since we do not contract with insurers or third parties, we are not beholden to anyone but you!

Nutrition and Lifestyle:

Dr. Horvitz puts a strong emphasis on nutrition and lifestyle. While Dr. Horvitz believes there is a primary foundation of healthy nutrition and lifestyle, he also realizes there are many differences and everyone is unique. Dr. Horvitz uses your Annual Wellness exam and Advanced Wellness Testing (AWT) to guide him to proper nutrition and lifestyle advice individualized for you. Dr. Horvitz has a goal in mind. This goal is to help you become or remain healthy without using medications, or at least as few medications as possible. Dr. Horvitz has had great success over the years helping many people discontinue medications once they fixed their nutrition and lifestyle. Deprescribing medications once you learn how to fix your health issues via nutrition and lifestyle is one of Dr. Horvitz's favorites.

Functional/Holistic Care:

In 2019, Dr. Horvitz completed a fellowship in Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine. Prior to this formal training, Dr. Horvitz had been practicing a blend of Traditional and Holistic care since 1994. However the formal Functiional training has allowed Dr. Horvitz to utilize even more avenues of treatment outside of traditional care. So at the IMW, we can help you with either Traditional or Functional approaches to your health. It's not one or the other. It's both!

What should you expect from your physician?

Compromise is a word that should never be associated with your personal healthcare. Yet many patients today have been forced to compromise when it comes to their care. In recent years, the focus of healthcare has become centered on a system rather than the person. The result: hurried, impersonal office visits, lack of accessibility, and a lower standard of care. This shift has alienated both patient and doctor. Like my father, I entered the medical field with a passion and commitment to provide comprehensive, quality care. But, policies and procedures have threatened to compromise my ability to offer the high standards and attention I believe my patients have a right to expect. The Institute for Medical Wellness is dedicated to your health and well-being – not quotas and administrative regulations. Here you can expect to be greeted with a warm smile, and an open mind. The Institute for Medical Wellness is your personal medical home.

Finally, a family practice where the emphasis is on YOU!

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