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  • To provide outstanding family medical care to our patients with a focus on comprehensive wellness and prevention.

  • To inform you of healthcare options that your health insurance carrier may not want you to obtain or know about.

  • To be an advocate for your medical care without regards to the health insurance bureaucracy.

  • Where patients go to be treated as a person and not as a commodity.

  • Where patients go to have a Physician who listens carefully and respects what the patient has to say and encourages the patient to say what is on their mind.

  • To give patients the ability to see their own Doctor and to make appointments without unreasonable waits.

  • To provide this care with an open mind, and to make your healthcare a team effort between Dr. Horvitz, his office staff, and you, the individual.



Doctor Steven Horvitz

Founder of Institute for Medical Wellness


Tea Set

Tatiana (T)

          Medical Assistant


"I just wanted to Thank You for being caring today, and going over everything with me about my medicines. You are a great doctor and that is why, even though I have insurance, I come to you. There are not many doctors who care about their patients like you do. I'm very lucky to have you as my doctor:) Just wanted to let you know I appreciate all you do."

—  AB


​1. Doctor’s Full Name? 

Steven Paul Horvitz, D.O. 

2. Total years in Practice?

Dr. Horvitz started practicing upon completion of his Osteopathic Family Practice residency in 1994. Dr. Horvitz has been in solo private family practice since 1998.

3. Years in practice as a direct pay Wellness Concierge-lite primary care physician?

Dr. Horvitz founded the Institute for Medical Wellness, a direct-pay Wellness Concierge-lite prevention and wellness blended practice in 2008.

Meet the Team

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