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All comments from a recent - July 2019- patient survey.

  • Doctor Horvitz' practical approach to health and medicine.

  • Doctor takes enough time to talk to me about health issues and has excellent preventive medical knowledge.

  • Love Dr. Horvitz and accessibility

  • Dr. Horvitz is knowledgeable, honest, and kind.

  • Dr. H did a complete blood work and discuss the results with me in detail and why the reason I was not losing weight, my primary doctor and nutritionist couldn't/didn't help or gave good advice.

  • Dr. Horvitz takes the time to talk to me about everything I have questions about and also does a most thorough blood panel.

  • My doctor is great! He explains everything in great detail, takes as much time as you need, and genuinely cares for his patients.

  • Doctors in R-Health spend more time listening to you

  • Great doctor

  • Dr. Horvitz takes the time to explain things thoroughly, unlike most PC docs I've had in the past.

  • Appointment are not rushed Dr takes time to explain

  • Great coverage

  • Better care, little to no wait, savings.

  • Dr's office staff is pleasant efficient prompt. Dr. H. is available, and down to earth, Dr. H. is funny. Dr. H. found solutions to my leaky gut issues no other Dr. could ease or resolve. The office is innovative.

  • I like having an integrative physician who will spend time to discuss your condition and why he recommends a certain approach for treatment. He listens and not just dictates.


Dr H,

One year ago today I began eating Paleo.  I got to say sometimes it’s not easy, but I feel good about the food choices I make.  I now support our local CSA and buy organic whenever I can.  I don’t look for a box or bag when choosing something to eat.  I always liked to cook and I’ve mastered a lot of healthy meal options.  This year there was no pizza, no cookies, no ice cream (maybe a lick or two when the grandkids cone was melting on the boardwalk), no BEER (ugh), no bread and no pretzels.  The first month was very hard for me, but once I got into the rhythm there is no going back for me.  I know how I’m eating now is the BEST I can do for ME.

Thank you for taking me down the path of wellness.  I may not come into the office often, but I follow your email articles and your FB page.  I preach your wellness messages to my friends and family.

I’ll see you soon as I had my blood drawn for my annual wellness exam, and I can get up off the floor with my legs crossed.  I now know the secret.




Hi Dr. Horvitz,

I just wanted to Thank You for being caring today, and going over everything with me about my medicines.  You are a great doctor and that is why, even though I have insurance, I come to you. There are not many doctors who care about their patients like you do. Im very lucky to have you as my doctor:)

Just wanted to let you know I appreciate all you do.

See you in a month.




I wanted to drop a line and let you know I have been improving.

I want to thank you and Bonnie for your assistance in my path to good health.

I have lost 17 lbs so far.

Well take care  .

I will check in at another time.



It was a pleasant surprise when I first saw your new plans & Mission Statement.

It has always been the way I believe medicine should be practiced.

I was raised in a family that only used Osteopathic physicians because of this very philosophy.

It was even more encouraging to see that you had the courage of your convictions to actually take the risk of implementing your beliefs.

I have always felt that it was the Family Doc who should manage your health care needs; hopefully in wellness, but also in minor & serious illness.

It is he (or she) that best knows you. The older I get, the more I see how true this is for myself and numerous friends.

I also know that you enjoy cooking tasty, quick, easy to prepare and healthy snacks and meals.

May I suggest that you include some of these in the already interesting e-mails we get from your Wellness Institute.

Please know that my family is staying with you and your excellent staff.

Best Wishes Always,



When my last doctor retired, I walked into Dr. Horvitz’s office looking for help. I was not only seen immediately but the doctor spent over 30 minutes with me on this first, walk-in visit, asking about my history before making any decisions about my treatment. I have been a patient with other doctors for years and they have never spent that much time learning about me, before caring for me.

Dr. Horvitz did not just prescribe pills for my lower back pain. He taught me how to stretch to stop the pain and the pain was gone in two days! He believes in using the least amount of drugs to heal. This is how all doctors should treat their patients.

I recommend Dr. Horvitz’s Wellness plan to everyone. It is a cost effective way to receive quality medical treatment and advice without insurance companies dictating your treatment. This is an especially a great plan for retired military who want a local doctor while still having Tri-care for more catastrophic issues. I have a local HMO but will not leave Dr. Horvitz knowing he has my best health at heart.



Your Open Letter about your new practice style came just in time. My 16 year old daughter was sick and home from school. I wasn’t sure what to do. Go to the Dr. or wait it out the day. After reading the letter I knew what to do, and felt assured my daughter was in good hands. I called before 12 noon and had an appointment within the hour.

Upon getting to the office she was seen right away. We didn’t even sit down in the waiting room.

Our time with you was precise and to the point, as to her diagnoses and treatment. Her prescription was even called in right then.

It is comforting to know, after joining my family in The Institute for Medical Wellness that it is certainly living up to the high standards that it has committed to.

I will continue to read your letters, and links.

The Friedman Family


First, I want to thank you so much for seeing J. yesterday. I cannot tell you how much it means to me as a mother to know that my children feel so comfortable and relaxed around you. Since the time they were small children they have actually looked forward to their visits with you which has always been a blessing to me. It meant so much to me that you truly understood the stress that J. was under yesterday and that you reacted so compassionately.

Thanks so much.



I just wanted to thank you for the time and patience you had given me during my Wellness Exam…I feel my visit was very thorough, positive and informative.

Choosing to become part of your Wellness Program was the second best step I took toward taking care of my health and well being… Choosing you as my Physician, was the first.

Thanks again,


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