IMW-Healthy Weight – Shake recipe

For the protein shake to taste its best, I suggest you use either a small blender, or better yet, purchase the Original Magic Bullet. The Original Magic Bullet works extremely well, and the cleanup is a snap. I purchased it the end of December 2009 at Costco for under $40.

As a disclaimer, I have no business relationship with the Magic Bullet or Costco.

Before enjoying your shake, please drink 4-8 ounces of cold water.

For the shake, you will need the following:

Amounts are estimated. Please be close, but by no means be perfect.

* 6 ice cubes crushed
* 1/2-1 teaspoon Carlsons fish oil
* 1-2 small scoops of berries-fresh or frozen- the most popular appear to be blueberries and strawberries. Please make certain the frozen berries are the only ingredient, and that there is no added sugar to the berries.


* 1 scoop of Dream Protein- vanilla or chocolate or a mixture of both

* 6 ounces of Whole Fat unflavored-unsweetened yogurt

* 2 ounces of Half-N-Half or Whole Milk

If using the Magic Bullet please add the yogurt and Half-N-Half last, and do not overfill the cup.

Once all the ingredients are added, blend together until mixed well.

Then Voila, enjoy.

As the shake provides densely packed nutrients, it is important to stay well hydrated. So drink plenty of water. Instead of measuring amounts of water, keep it simple. Drink enough water so that your urine is fairly clear with at most, just a hint of yellow.