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Are you frustrated with a highly regulated healthcare system that results in less quality time with your doctor?

Are you looking for a physician that spends the extra time needed to look for causes and triggers of illness, as opposed to just writing another prescription?

Are you looking for a medical practice that combines the best of traditional primary care while utilizing a holistic and integrative approach that includes a true focus on prevention, wellness and nutrition?

Are you frustrated that your physician may only give lip service to the health consequences of the Standard American Diet (SAD) as opposed to a Low Carbohydrate, Vegetarian or Paleo diets?

If your answer is yes to any of the above, then look no further than Dr. Steven Horvitz and the Institute for Medical Wellness!

Dr. Steven Horvitz founded the Institute for Medical Wellness in 2008 because he did not want to practice assembly line seven-minute medical care. He decided there was a better way.

His model is simple:

Bypass the insurance system for time spent in his office. In turn, give patients more time, personal attention, and a true integrative focus on wellness and prevention. Dr. Horvitz believes that for optimal primary care you do not need the distractions of health insurance guidelines to get in the way.   Thus, Dr. Horvitz keeps the insurers out of the exam room, and only utilizes their services for the more expensive parts of healthcare, i.e. labs, radiology, consults and hospital care. Instead of having insurers regulate every aspect of patient care, Dr. Horvitz helps guide you to true personalized care.

This type of care may sound expensive, but it is not! To keep costs down while still providing top quality care, Dr. Horvitz has established yearly Optimal Wellness plans. These plans include a yearly comprehensive physical as well as all visits to his office. During the Wellness exam, you will be offered extra screenings not available at most other offices including special vascular labs, food sensitivity panels, Omega-3 testing, among others. Optimal Wellness plan patients also get a doctor who closely tracks their health and who does not rush people through their appointments.

The Institute for Medical Wellness has Optimal Wellness Plans for individuals, couples and families. Individual plans start at $799 a year, Couples at $1,299 a year, and Families at $1,499 a year. All Wellness plans come with monthly payment options, as well as discounts on other Institute for Medical Wellness products and services including  nutritional supplements and Integrative nutritional and wellness testing.

If you are searching for optimal primary care with a true individualized focus on wellness, prevention and nutrition, please call to set up an appointment, or we can set up a no obligation meet-n-greet with Dr. Horvitz to see if the IMW is the place for you!