Let me take a moment to respond to your evaluation of your practice. My family and I became patients before you started the Wellness Institute. We were in a position of changing medical plans, and had to find a new primary care physician. To be truly honest with you, we chose you because of the proximity of our home. But let me stress, we have never looked back on our decision. All, and I emphasize, all of our family was comfortable and most important confident with your practice from the first time we walked through your doors. Through the years, and complicated medical necessities we have never been disapointed. Your approach and bedside manner has always been just what we were looking for in a family physician. I heartily applaud your preventive approach to medical care. Even when you changed to the Wellness Institute, and no longer accepted insurance, we decided that our relationship with you was more important than merely an insurance option. We look forward to a long standing relationship with you and have highly recommended you to others.

The Z… Family

I felt a lot better after seeing you yesterday. I absolutely have a lot of faith in you and the best thing is, I feel as though you really care about me.

Thank you.

My family and I have been using you as our “Marcus Welby” for over 10 years now. My children are grown and now out of the nest but my wife and I still use your services. When I first heard about the Wellness program I was not sure and didn’t partake right away. I have changed my thinking as I have signed up for the plan and couldn’t be happier. My physical and recent visits have probably paid for the plan already. Oh yeah my ear infection is totally healed and all’s well.
Thanks!The plan puts practical thinking and common sense to good use.


Talk to the Prez will ya.

Thanks so much,

Delran NJ

Thank you. Our daughter started college this August in Washington, D.C. I am glad we continued her in your “wellness program”. I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea since she was now living over 150 miles away and that you were no longer as accessible considering the distance from Moorestown. Last week the infirmary at college told her she had the flu. With 101.5 fever, naturally mom and dad were distraught. You were available and responsive to our phone calls and emails. You were involved in her care even from this distance. With your help, she recovered quickly. Thank you for being there.

Randi and Kenny Moorestown, NJ

Recently I had the unfortunate experience of losing my healthcare insurance. I was devastated and horrified of not having the means of buying my much needed medication. So I turned to the only persons in healthcare that I thought would care, my doctor, Dr. Steven Horvitz and his staff.

I was not disappointed. They cared and they helped.

In today’s world it is so very comforting to know that there are individuals who take their profession to heart and not their pockets.

The care and attention that they always give me during my visits should be the standard practice in all medical facilities.

Dr. Steven Horvitz and Jessie, Thank you, I will never forget your thoughtfulness and kindness. I will be forever grateful.


Willingboro, NJ

Dr. H.,

Three things:

1. Hope you had a great vacation and WELCOME BACK!!!!!

2. thanks for providing that website for the Coalition to Support America’s Heros. Knowing the link is on your website or email takes the worry out of contributing.

3. I am thrilled you love your job!!!! It shows!!! The Institute for Medical Wellness is a great comfort to me. As a patient I can sense your ease when I am in for a visit…and that in turn sets me at ease. I never feel hurried or rushed….MUCH APPRECIATED!!! Your questions, my answers and ultimately trying to get to the bottom of this or that can take as long as it takes….VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!!! If you make a recommendation I know it’s in my best interest…..I feel you have the time to be genuinely concerned about myself and my family…and that is priceless!!!

Thank you!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!


Email received November 19, 2009

Good morning!

I am a former patient from when you were an insurance wealthcare provider (IWP – yup, providing wealth to insurers). I always loved your healthcare philosophy but was daunted by the fee changes. After a couple of years with my new IWP, who is a nice enough person and provided adequately for my needs, I realize that I miss your more integrated and personal approach to healthcare.

I’m quite well and would like to remain so with your whole-person approach to wellness. Please let me know if you have the capacity to take back a wayward patient.

Kind regards,

Email received November 20, 2009

Dr. Horvitz, Its been 2 years since my mysterious health issues started. In that time I have seen dozens of Drs. You are sincerely the ONLY one that has truly helped me. The lesions are under control and I believe it is largely due to your paying attention to the larger picture and not only the physical symptoms. You never rush me out or come across as condescending, nor do you just want to write a prescription to mask the symptoms. I believe in the mind/body/spirit connection. You empower your patients. AND you made it possible for me to obtain your outstanding services without insurance. I really cannot thank you enough. Too many times people only hear complaints and not the good stuff. I didn’t send out cards so wanted you to know how much you have assisted me and how much I appreciate it. You also have the best receptionist in a medical office I have ever come across. Please tell her as well. Happy Holidays and New Years! Andrea

Email received December 24, 2009