Dr. Horvitz, Its been 2 years since my mysterious health issues started. In that time I have seen dozens of Drs. You are sincerely the ONLY one that has truly helped me. The lesions are under control and I believe it is largely due to your paying attention to the larger picture and not only the physical symptoms. You never rush me out or come across as condescending, nor do you just want to write a prescription to mask the symptoms. I believe in the mind/body/spirit connection. You empower your patients.  AND you made it possible for me to obtain your outstanding services without insurance.  I really cannot thank you enough. Too many times people only hear complaints and not the good stuff.  I didn’t send out cards so wanted you to know how much you have assisted me and how much I appreciate it. You also have the best receptionist in a medical office I have ever come across.Please tell her as well. Happy Holidays and New Years! Andrea