I like the healthy approach that is provided by The Institute For Medical Wellness . I like the concentration on staying healthy and prevention of illness. I believe The vitamin D has kept me “cold free” all winter. You offer a lot of great information
Thank you for your insights and especially your understanding regarding the “weight ” issue. Our visit did make me take a long look at my eating and exercise habits. (I dropped off four pairs of pants to be taken in by the tailor.) Our visit gave me the incentive to make changes…thank you.
I am so thankful to have found my way to the best medical care I could hope for. I have been helped more in one visit than I had been with a team of doctors over three years.
Your newsletters are informative with humor that interests me into reading them each week. Takes time to write these newsletters which shows me your interest in educating your patients. The newsletters are nice to have.
I have been to about 6 doctors in my 10 years in Philly and this is been , BY FAR, my best experience with a doctor.
I love that you take the time to send your Newsletter – I find it very informative and I usually go to the links. I also appreciate the amount of time you spend with us during a visit. It’s refreshing to have a Doctor look at our health from a more holistic, natural approach.
Thanks! P.S. We also greatly appreciate your accessibility!!