It was a pleasant surprise when I first saw your new plans & Mission Statement.
It has always been the way I believe medicine should be practiced.

I was raised in a family that only used Osteopathic physicians because of this very philosophy.

It was even more encouraging to see that you had the courage of your convictions to actually take the risk of implementing your beliefs.

I have always felt that it was the Family Doc who should manage your health care needs; hopefully in wellness, but also in minor & serious illness.

It is he (or she) that best knows you. The older I get, the more I see how true this is for myself and numerous friends.

I also know that you enjoy cooking tasty, quick, easy to prepare and healthy snacks and meals.

May I suggest that you include some of these in the already interesting e-mails we get from your Wellness Institute.

Please know that my family is staying with you and your excellent staff.

Best Wishes Always,