When my last doctor retired, I walked into Dr. Horvitz’s office looking for help. I was not only seen immediately but the doctor spent over 30 minutes with me on this first, walk-in visit, asking about my history before making any decisions about my treatment. I have been a patient with other doctors for years and they have never spent that much time learning about me, before caring for me.
Dr. Horvitz did not just prescribe pills for my lower back pain. He taught me how to stretch to stop the pain and the pain was gone in two days! He believes in using the least amount of drugs to heal. This is how all doctors should treat their patients.

I recommend Dr. Horvitz’s Wellness plan to everyone. It is a cost effective way to receive quality medical treatment and advice without insurance companies dictating your treatment. This is an especially a great plan for retired military who want a local doctor while still having Tri-care for more catastrophic issues. I have a local HMO but will not leave Dr. Horvitz knowing he has my best health at heart.