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Day 14 2015 IMW Spring Challenge

Day 14- A day of rest.

"If Al Gore invented the Internet, I invented spell chek"---Dan Quayle

Give yourself something every day to look forward to as long as it is healthy.

It is day 14 and it is Sunday. For me that means time to reflect on the highlights of the last two weeks.

We started the challenge with Intermittent Fasting, followed closely  by eliminating grains, especially wheat, and then processed foods were next to go. The introduction of salads are good for you and adding more fish to your diet was next.

We introduced the benefits of exercise in...

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Day 12 2015 IMW Spring Challenge

"I always skate to where the puck is going, not where it's been"---- Wayne Gretsky

Way back, when I first discovered the lower carbohydrate lifestyle, I had some issues controlling my appetite. I got tired of eating eggs for breakfast and wanted some variety. Then I found protein shakes. My first shake was very yummy but a bit too sweet which instead of decreasing my appetite, did the opposite. So I almost gave up on shakes. Then I began making a protein shake with whey protein, whole fat homemade yogurt, blueberries and whatever supplements I was taking at the time. What I discovered was that...

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DrH Food Diary Day 3

Weigh in 148 lbs Body fat % 18.6 Total body fat 27.5 lbs Loss of 1.2 lbs in 2 days Loss of 0.9 lbs of body fat 915am Leaving for conference in Atlantic city. Not sure when food will be available. Would like to keep hunger in check so will have an IMW Dream Protein Breakfast Shake in the car. 130pm After walking thru exhibit halls for an hour or so, good exercise, my wife wanted to walk more. So out to the boardwalk and then to the outlets. Probably did easily another 1-2 miles of walking. At 130pm I decided that since it is a bit over an hour drive home and that we still...
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DrH Food Diary Day 2

Tuesday April 9th, 2013 Wow! I am still always amazed how well I sleep when I take Vitamin D before bedtime. I realize it does not work for everyone, but what a difference for me. Asleep at midnight, lots of dreams, and awoke at 630am to sunshine and feeling well rested. Maybe that can also be from eating less yesterday? Will have to keep that in mind. Last night I did have a dessert. Fresh strawberries and raspberries topped with a little whipped cream and two teaspoons of cinnamon swirl Paleo Krunch. Yum Yum, and its Paleoish too!! Exercised for 10 minutes this morning. Non-stop mostly legs with a small amount...
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DrH Food Diary Day 1

Monday April 8th, 2013 This is my challenge week. I was not very good on my diet last week, probably on purpose as I wanted to put on a few pounds prior to my challenge week. So this week I will be keeping a diary for all to read. I strongly welcome any and all comments, criticisms, questions and suggestions. Just please no bad jokes! Leave that to me!! Last meal finished 700pm Sunday evening. Nothing but water after. Awoke 640am Looked out window to get sunlight on face,  helps with sleep-wake cycle. More on sleep and circadian rhythms further on in challenge. Light exercise 10 minutes upper body resistance...
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IMW Challenge 1st Session

I would like to thank all the participants of the first ever IMW Optimal Health Challenge for attending our maiden voyage. For those of you who were unable to make it, do not fret. Your Challenge is more than just the presentations. Your Challenge will also entail at least weekly email challenges, contests and anything else fun that I can imagine. Be careful as my ADD mind can imagine plenty!!! A few more thank you's to take care of. Thank you to M&M Physical Therapy, a member of the IMW Wellness Network since the IMW founding back in 2008, for hosting the event. It...
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The IMW Dream Breakfast Shake revisited

There comes a time in every man's life when he has to admit that things do not always work as expected. Back about 4 years ago, I introduced my IMW Dream Breakfast Shake. It was my answer to starting off the day with good nutrition, decreased hunger, and to help with weight loss if that was a goal. Many of my patients used the IMW Dream Breakfast Shake as per the recipe, and found it very tasty, satisfying and helpful in the areas just mentioned. But others have come in and stated that while the shake was tasty, and they were using it at...
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