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Day 24 2015 IMW Spring Challenge

"Have you read any good books lately?"-- Unknown and everyone

I remember way back in medical school. I needed to read a tremendous amount. There was lots to learn. What is funny is that I probably still read just as much as I did in medical school, only now I read about health issues that mean a lot to me and that help me to help you.

I rarely if ever go back to my old med school textbooks. That would be like going back to watching television on a black n white screen with an antenna on your roof. I prefer to read what...

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Day 13 2015 IMW Spring Challenge

"One of the best kept medical secrets is that everything gives mice cancer."----Marvin Kitman

I would like to now introduce Dr. Colin Champ, Radiation Oncologist and wanna be Caveman Doctor. Dr. Champ is an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute in the Department of Radiation Oncology, where he cares for cancer patients and researches both radiation therapy and the effect of diet and exercise on patient outcomes.  He has given talks on his work throughout the United States and his research has been published in many peer-reviewed journals, including the Journal of Clinical Oncology, one of...

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I’m back. Thanks for missing me!!

The Flu-  cross posted on the IMW newsletter, Blog and FB

I go away for a week, ask everyone to please remain healthy and not get sick while I am away, and what happens??

It appears that the flu or something close to it has hit our area.

I should either not go away on vacations ((not going to happen)), or maybe take a longer vacation to get through the flu season ((not going to happen either)).

So how bout instead I give you some IMW tips on preventing the flu. These are all options that may help, but no one is perfect.

Traditionally there is...

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There is something fishy about improving your health!!

OK. It's time to get fishy. For many many years, I have been recommending increasing fish in your diet, especially those that contain the most Omega-3's. Now a study came out that confirms my beliefs. The highest levels of plasma phospholipid omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA), as measured in >2500 older adults initially without coronary heart disease or a history of stroke, predicted the lowest mortality in the observational, prospective Cardiovascular Health Study (CHS)[1]. In non-doctor terms, this means whoever had the most Omega-3's as measured in their blood, had a 27% decreased risk from dying from any cause, as well as a reduced risk from cardiovascular causes. Not too shabby,...
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Eight Minutes? Really???

Eight Minutes, Really??   Ever since I founded the Institute for Medical Wellness in 2008, I have put a large focus on Wellness and Prevention. But in doing so, I am often asked, "Just what is Wellness and Prevention, and why are you different from other family physicians?"  The answer can be long and cumbersome, but I will do my best to make it simple.
I will start by briefly answering why the Institute for Medical Wellness is different from other family practices.
In today's healthcare system, the super-super majority of doctors participate with health insurers, whether they be private...
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