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Day 24 2015 IMW Spring Challenge

"Have you read any good books lately?"-- Unknown and everyone

I remember way back in medical school. I needed to read a tremendous amount. There was lots to learn. What is funny is that I probably still read just as much as I did in medical school, only now I read about health issues that mean a lot to me and that help me to help you.

I rarely if ever go back to my old med school textbooks. That would be like going back to watching television on a black n white screen with an antenna on your roof. I prefer to read what...

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Coca Cola – Is it worth the ride?

Coca cola

I just viewed an internet ad for Coca Cola, otherwise known as Coke. It was kinda interesting. You can view it here. 

They actually advertised that a 12 oz bottle of Coke contains 140 calories. They then went on to show that it would take a 140 lb person, on average, 23 minutes of cycling to burn off those 140 calories.


coca cola 12 oz can with nutrition facts


I can applaud Coke for their honesty.

But I still do not suggest you drink Coke or any other sweetened beverage, especially...

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