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I’m back. Thanks for missing me!!

The Flu-  cross posted on the IMW newsletter, Blog and FB

I go away for a week, ask everyone to please remain healthy and not get sick while I am away, and what happens??

It appears that the flu or something close to it has hit our area.

I should either not go away on vacations ((not going to happen)), or maybe take a longer vacation to get through the flu season ((not going to happen either)).

So how bout instead I give you some IMW tips on preventing the flu. These are all options that may help, but no one is perfect.

Traditionally there is...

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The Flu and what to do! Here are some options from the IMW.

We knew we were due for a bad flu year. The past few years were relatively mild, which usually means it is time to get whopped. Unfortunately besides the flu, otherwise known as influenza, we are getting hit with another nasty respiratory virus called RSV, and I just heard today about a report of whooping cough, otherwise known as pertussis was diagnosed. We are told that there are tens of thousands of flu deaths in our country each year and just under that in Canada. But as always when dealing with flu,...
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