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Day 24 2015 IMW Spring Challenge

"Have you read any good books lately?"-- Unknown and everyone

I remember way back in medical school. I needed to read a tremendous amount. There was lots to learn. What is funny is that I probably still read just as much as I did in medical school, only now I read about health issues that mean a lot to me and that help me to help you.

I rarely if ever go back to my old med school textbooks. That would be like going back to watching television on a black n white screen with an antenna on your roof. I prefer to read what...

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Can diet reverse and/or treat Diabetes and Cancer?

It's time for me to show you a few medical studies about Low Carb/Paleo diet and lifestyle and why they are healthy for you. Diabetes Type 1 diabetes mellitus successfully managed with the paleolithic ketogenic diet This study, which was only with one test subject, so not exactly proof it will work for others until tested with more subjects, put an Insulin Dependent Diabetic on a Paleo and Ketogenic diet for 6 months. Ketogenic diets are like lower carbohydrate diets but they take the carbs lower and the fat higher. Something interesting, but to me not unexpected occurred. Not only did the subjects sugar levels...
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