Paleo or Low Processed Carb Friendly Foods

I am so often asked, where can I find Paleo or Low/Minimally Processed Carb friendly food?

You could always go to a farm and harvest the crops yourself, or tend to the animals and livestock. But if that is not what you consider fun, I have decided to start a page to help guide you.

While the list below is not an endorsement, I have found the foods to fit into Low Processed Carb and/or Paleo friendly categories.


Pasta is not Paleo nor lowcarb if it is made with grains, especially wheat. But what if it is made without wheat/grains?

If you are doing well on your Paleo diet but really have a hankering for pasta. check out Cappello’s .

Capello’s makes Gluten Free / Grain Free pasta including Fettuccine, Gnocchi and Lasagna Sheets.

I have made each of the above usually with either a spicy tomato sauce or olive oil, garlic, onion and broccoli.

Yum Yum!