My Continuous Glucose Experiment Day 7

Oh boy. This one should be fun!!!


Today I decided to go off my normal low processed carb diet for part of the day. I wanted to see how my body reacts to a somewhat normal Standard American Diet (SAD). Instead of fasting until lunch with just a cup of tea, I instead drank a Black Cherry soda with 45 grams of carbohydrate, all in the form of sugar. There was not any high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).

Let me say that the soda was delicious. I enjoyed every drop.

Let me also tell you what I did not enjoy. Watching my glucose values spike.

I began this carbohydrate journey with a glucose of 88. One hour later, after every delicious drop of soda, my glucose had skyrocketed to 159! If I was pregnant I would have failed the glucose tolerance test. It took me about another 1.5 hours to get back below 100. In essence my glucose was above 100 for 2.5 hours. That’s 2.5 hours too long for me.

But the day was not over. I decided to be a glutton today. Instead of a salad with cheese and a few berries for lunch, I decided to have matzah crackers with cream cheese, some regular slices of cheese, and a bowl of berries. The matzah was 100% carb. I was hoping that the fat content of the cheese would offset the carbs and keep my glucose from a steep rise. I also hoped that the berries that I ate about 5 minutes after finishing the matzah crackers would not raise my glucose either.

So what do you think happened?

Anyone???? Anyone????

My pre-lunch glucose was 84.

My peak glucose about 80 minutes later was 144.

My time with glucose over 100 for lunch was about 4 hours.

Yep 4 hours!!! Not good.

What I think happened was the matzah caused an initial spike in my glucose to 144. Then when the levels started to decline, the berries which I ate after finishing the matzah kicked in and kept me above 100 for a few hours longer.

So what do I think is going on?

1- My carb tolerance is low, so to prevent Diabetes along with all its complications, I need to go low processed carb.

2- I most likely have some Insulin resistance. This means my cells are resistant to the action of insulin. One of insulin’s job is to move glucose from the blood into the cells for storage. If the glucose remains in the blood too long, it is usually due to either too many carbs in the meal or insulin/cell interaction not working well enough. Insulin resistance is one of the first steps towards Diabetes. It can be controlled though with proper diet and exercise. Meds are not necessary for the majority of people with insulin resistance.

So what next?

I go home and have dinner. I promised my fam I would make a pizza for dinner. Before you say, “What!! Are you crazy doc? There are way too many carbs in pizza!!”, I make a Paleoish lowcarb pizza crust.

So I made the lowcarb pizza crust and added a bit of tomato sauce and lots of mozzarella cheese.

It came out as always, deliciousoooo!!!

My glucose just prior to having dinner- 100

Glucose 45 minutes later – 112 – not too bad an uptick compared to the soda or matzah.

I wanted to see what a brisk 30 minute walk would do.

Glucose 45 minutes later – 99 – nice drop as glucose moved into cells replacing the energy they were putting out during the exercise.

Glucose now as I type – 117  – 1 hour 50 minutes after eating and resting after the exercise.

So far it appears that the pizza is not hitting me as hard as either the matzah or the soda.

It also appears that the exercise put a dent in the glucose as well.

I’ll try to remember to let you know if the glucose spikes any further. I hope not because the lowcarb pizza is really really good. I adjusted the recipe from an online Paleoish site to lessen the carb content. If needed I could adjust the carb content down even further, but there is a limit to that while keeping the texture and taste as good.

So this ends Day 7. The cgm is supposed to stop collecting data tomorrow at noon.

I hope to put together a post or two summarizing what I learned as well as what I can do with this for my practice and patients moving forward. So keep an eye out. If you have not yet signed up for this blog, you can do so below.

Goodnight for now!

To Good Health!





Glucose now 134. I guess I either need to lower the carb mix in the lowcarb pizza crust, or increase my exercise soon after eating. Perhaps both.


  • Mindy

    Can you please post the recipe for the paleoish pizza?