My Continuous Glucose Experiment Day 6

It’s Day 6.

I kinda knew this going into this experiment, but this kinda cements it.

Processed food drives up your glucose.

The past 48 hours have been good. For the most part I barely hit 100 as a high for my glucose levels.

Most of today was good as well.

For lunch I had a small salad with a tomato, cheese and tuna fish with some homemade Russian dressing. The minimal amount of ketchup(sugar) in the dressing did not bother my glucose as I barely approached 100. So minimally processed food and glucose control.

I worked at my office this evening. I returned home about 730PM and had dinner with the fam at 745PM. Obviously 15 minutes did not give me the opportunity to prepare anything fresh. So instead I had food previously prepared by Shop Rite. All I had to do was heat it up and spoon it onto a plate.

My meal consisted of 2 pieces of stuffed cabbage- (cabbage stuffed with meat in a light red sauce). I also had some cheese, and cole slaw. The cole slaw tasted a bit sweet so I think that was the culprit. Also the fact that it tasted good so I had 3 small servings. As I sit writing this post my glucose which started at 91 before dinner, is now at 137, 1 hour after finishing my meal. Even more interesting is that my hunger, which was very well under control the past two days, has now increased as my glucose is rising.

I would like to know why my hunger goes up as my glucose goes up?

Is it due to Insulin resistance?

Is it due to higher insulin levels?

Did my brain get a sugar shock from most likely the cole slaw, and now it is craving it again?

My sugar just bumped up to 139.

No more processed supermarket food for me!!!

I was planning on trying out some berries to see if they affected my glucose tonight. Not sure I will be able to unless my glucose starts dropping and quick.

For all my patients who have been following this blog. If you are interested in using a continuous glucose meter for a week, as a trial to see what foods work best for your own individual metabolism, please email me privately at .

I hope to use this device on many of my Diabetic and Pre-Diabetic patients as a means of individually engineering their metabolism.

I hope to continue to wear this  device for a few more days so stay tuned.

As always questions and comments welcome below.


To Good Health!




Glucose just hit 141. I may have to check the ingredient list on that cole slaw!!!