My Continuous Glucose Experiment- Day 5

Day 5:

I think I am finally getting the hang of this. But before I go into today’s details, let me tell you something. I was at dinner last evening with family. I saw someone pull out a little black box and look at it. It was a receiver for his own Dexcom continuous glucose monitor (cgm). He has had one for quite a while and loves it. He told me he has been Diabetic since the age of 11. He is now in his low 70’s with a HbA1C of 7.1 . That is considered excellent control in the mainstream world. I actually think other than a Dr. Bernstein, the guru of low carb diets and Diabetes, 60 years being a Diabetic with a HbA1C of 7.1 is pretty pretty good.

But then as we are talking he gets a concerned look on his face. He asks me if I am Diabetic as well. I answer in my usual sarcastic retort, “No, I just like pain!”. After we both laugh, because actually this cgm is virtually painless through and through, I tell him that I am wearing the monitor as my own research project to see just where my glucose levels go in response to my diet, exercise and lifestyle. As I have said many many times, I am not a believer that you just wake up one day and are Diabetic. Type 2 Diabetes is a continuum that can take a decade to fully develop. But with this new technology, along with other testing we do at the IMW (AWT), we can pick up diabetic trends much earlier and help you to halt it’s progress.

One of my goals for today was for my glucose to remain below 100 all day. But I planned a few tests to make it a bit more challenging.

Test 1: IMW Breakfast Shake

For breakfast I had an IMW Breakfast Shake.  I have been drinking this shake 3-7 times a week for probably 6-8 years now. I always feel well when I make the shake part of my normal routine. While I always feel good with the shake, now with the cgm, I can test it out to see what it does to my glucose values.

This was not a perfect test as besides the shake I had some cheese. As the cheese has no carbs and is mostly fat and protein, it would NOT have an effect to increase my glucose. Only the shake could.

So did it?

My pre-shake glucose value was 79. The highest it went 1 hour after the shake was 89, and then it started trending down a tad. So the shake, perhaps in combination with cheese seems metabolically to be a good meal for me. WooHoo!!!

Test 2 -dinner

As I do not eat pasta due to the gluten and starchy carbs, I look for an alternative. While I do not eat pasta for health reasons does NOT mean that I do not like it. Pasta is very tasty and enjoyable. So about a year ago I picked up a vegetable spiraler??? It takes zucchini and running it through the spiraler it comes out as noodles. Not the exact same texture as pasta but actually pretty close and more of an earthy taste. So I usually lightly saute the spiral zucchini noodles in olive oil, add some onion powder, garlic powder and parsley. I do NOT cook it all the way through. Instead I cook it halfway done and then stick it in a baking dish and add fresh mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. Stick it in preheated 400 degree oven for 10-15 minutes or until the cheese looks melted and done.

So what did this meal with high carbs from the zucchini do to me?

Premeal glucose 92

Postmeal glucose high 97.

I kept my glucose below 100 the entire day so far!

Hooray for me.

But I did not want to be in the 90’s. So me and the missus went for a walk which about 1 hour later brought me down to 81.

Whoot Whoot!!!

I know I am strange if this type of stuff excites me. But remember. I am doing this to get an even better grasp on what affects our metabolism. My hope is to obtain one of the cgm’s and use it on willing patients for a week at a time. So far it has been one of the best behavior modification remedies I have come across in helping to fine tune diet, appetite and personal knowledge.

That’s it for today.

Same time tomorrow everyone???

To Good Health!!