My Continuous Glucose Experiment- Day 4

Day 4- the halfway point. The device is still attached to me. I barely noticed it was there today.

SO yesterday I was not that happy that the previous day my glucose levels were remaining above 100 or the high 90s for long periods of time. So I asked myself, what can I do to get these numbers back to a healthier more reasonable metabolic area? Funny that when I ask myself things, I usually answer them as well. But I do all this in my head so you probably will not see me walking around talking to myself out loud.

So I decided to continue with my Intermittent Fasting both because I wanted to see if I could get my glucose levels down as well as that I am rarely ever hungry in the morning.

So I woke up with readings in the 90s. I then exercised for about 30 minutes which did bring me down into the 80s. So exercise was helpful. I was at 80 when my wife was hungry so I sat down to have lunch with her. Again I was not very hungry but I enjoy a meal with my wife. But I decided to limit the carbs at the meal. So my lunch consisted of cheese and a handful and a half of roasted cashews. An hour later my glucose shot all the way up to 89 and then throughout the rest of the afternoon did a steady slow decrease to the upper 60s. The fatty/protein filled content of the cheese and cashews far outweighed the small amount of carbs in the cashews so my glucose did not spike.  Even nicer was that my appetite remained low even as my glucose levels steadily decreased to the 60s.

From 65 it climbed up to about 80 when I started dinner, late at about 820PM. It was second Passover Seder night at my Aunt’s house. My Aunt Shirley has been hosting a Passover Seder meal every year since I was very young. She makes the best sweet brisket in the world. In fact you can get her recipe at if you are interested.

So my dinner was composed of 1/2 bowl of chicken soup with some carrots. There was supposed to be a matzoh ball in it, but I asked for my soup without the balls. My aunt made 2 batches of soup, one regular and one with gluten free matzoh balls. She did not understand that I did not want the balls due to the carbs. I do not like gluten either, but that is a preference for me, not an allergy.

Then I was the first to get my main course. We have two tables at our Seder. One is for the adults and the other for the kids- or young adults. This is the first year I was seated at the adults table. This was a very good thing as the brisket and other main course items were served buffet style and the adult table always gets to go to the buffet line first. I jumped at the chance and was first in line. My plate contained brisket, a small piece of turkey and some broccoli. The brisket was as good as ever and yes I did go for seconds.

One question I was asked a few days ago was, “How will I handle all the carbs and Matzah during Passover?”— Well here is my reply. I quoted Nancy Reagan by just saying No. I had no matzah, no potatoes, no starch at all tonight. There was sweetener in the brisket sauce so the dinner was not carb free.

My glucose peaked at 124 about 90 minutes after starting the meal, and returned to below 100 within an hour after that. This was a much better response than I had to the french fries 2 nights ago.

So I learned that my metabolism as it relates to glucose balance does well with eating less starch and sugar, getting more exercise, and fasting for longer periods of time. Everyone responds differently to fasting so if you want to try it yourself, please contact me to see if it is right for you.

Tomorrow is Sunday. I have to decide whether to do a longer fast again to see how my glucose levels hold out, or test myself with some berries or perhaps my IMW Dream Protein Shake. I’ll decide in the morning.

That’s it for tonight.

Questions/Comments welcome below.


To Good Health!!