My Continuous Glucose Experiment Day 3

Well, I made it to day 3 with this Dexcom device in my abdomen.

It’s really not bad at all. I was smart when I had it placed on my left side as I tend to sleep on my right side. What’s funny is I keep forgetting it is there and I feel something and keep thinking a big bug is on my side. Luckily before I decide to panic and swat it I remember it is there and have a silent chuckle to myself.

So Day 2 ended with higher glucose levels than I preferred. They were not in the Diabetic range, but I would call them the pre-pre-Diabetic range. I blame it all on those wonderful tasting french fries. I have rarely met a french fry I did not like, but for now I will do my best to avoid them.


I decided in the morning to try to burn off the excess glucose so I went for a 35 minute brisk walk followed by about 10 minutes of resistance Ab work at home. My glucose values came down about 10-15 points but it took about 30-40 minutes to start it’s decline. Why is that? I understand the food I eat has to be digested before it can make it’s way into the bloodstream, but with exercise, where is the delay in lowering the glucose? I have some ideas/theories, but I would like to hear yours.

As my usual I did an Intermittent Fast thru breakfast. Between dinner the night before and my first real meal at 1PM , I went about 18 hours. I had a 20 oz cup of tea with 1 teaspoon of honey. It barely registered on my glucose values only raising them less than 10 points for about an hour before they returned to baseline.


I was going to have another apple and peanut butter as I enjoyed that yesterday and it barely budged my glucose levels. But we had a surprise pizza delivery to the office. Besides french fries, the one food I miss eating since going Low Carb is pizza. Sooooo I had pizza. But there is a twist to this story. The pizza came from a kitchen in Cherry Hill, Mindy’s Pizza Palace. You can find their menu at www.Mindy’ . The crust was actually lowcarb and made from cauliflower, eggs and cheese. A little sauce and cheese and it was delicious. My glucose values did NOT budge. I was very pleasantly surprised. I may have to order that pizza for take out!!


Tonight is the first night of Passover. We went to a public seder to have a traditional Passover meal. In the real world this consists of matzoh and veggies and lots of sweet sweet desserts. Well I guess I do not live in the real world.

My dinner consisted of a glass of wine, small piece of gefilte fish, ….

Before I continue with my meal, for those of you who say “What the heck is a gefilte fish?”, I will let you in on the secret. Gefilte fish is a special fish that is only in season just before Passover. The gefilte fish gets it’s name from where it is found, which is in the Lake Gefilt, about 30 miles south of Tel Aviv, in Israel.

OK back to my meal.

I had a cup of Matzoh ball soup- sans the matzoh ball.

Then my main course was a plate that had some thinly sliced brisket, veal, small piece of chicken, asparagus and small taste of carrot and broccoli. There were some other food items that I avoided due to their higher starch-carb-sugar content.

My glucose value started at 91 at 738pm and peaked at 133 at 843pm. By 923pm it was back below 100. So while my glucose shot up with very little in the way of carbohydrate, it did not remain there as long.

Also when I calibrated the cgm meter by checking it with an actual fingerstick sample, it appeared that the cgm was off by about 10 points. So my readings for the past 12 hours may have been off by 10 points in my favor, meaning my glucose levels may have actually been 10 points lower. ((wiping brow))

Dessert was next. But I found the best way to not have your glucose levels go up was to avoid remaining at the table for dessert. So since my daughter needed to get home for a on-line function she was participating in, I volunteered to leave early and take her home.

So what have I learned so far the past 3 days?

1- Inserting and wearing the Dexcom meter is a simple and painless. Even the finger-sticks twice a day are not bad with the Freestyle meter which usually only requires the smallest drop of blood.

2- It takes about 20-30 minutes minimum for my glucose to rise after a meal with carbohydrates.

3- It takes about 30+ minutes for my glucose values to decrease with exercise.

4- So far my hunger is minimal and is no different when my glucose is higher or lower.

5- Cauliflower crusted pizza is delicious and did not raise my glucose.

6- Convincing my blog readers that Gefilte fish comes from a Lake in Israel is pretty funny.

7- Convincing my blog readers that my patient Mindy actually has a pizza palace in Cherry Hill is even funnier. So before anyone get’s mad at me, if you want the recipe for the cauliflower pizza, please say so in the comments below. If I get enough requests, I will ask Mindy to send me the recipe.

Questions and Comments are always welcome in the comment section below. If there is something you would like me to try/test, let me know as well in the comments below. If I am up to it and it does not hurt too much, I could be tempted to try it.

Til tomorrow.

To Good Health!!





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  • Michael Jacob

    You probably have to burn through all the glycogen stored in muscles and liver before pulling glucose out of bloodstream?

    • DrHorvitz

      I tend to agree with you!


  • Andrea Hirsh

    Regarding the delay in lowering glucose from exercise: did the exercise put your body into a sympathetic state, therefore delaying digestion? Although if all the food had been eaten the day before, it should have been digested by the morning. I’m really surprised that the glucose shot up that high after dinner, since you had very little carbs at all. Could the wine have caused that short-acting spike?

    • DrHorvitz

      My guess is it was the wine!
      I have wine once a year and I had to pick the week of my experiment!!
      I may have to agree with Michael’s comment that perhaps my muscle cells need to use up their stored energy (glycogen) before taking more energy in from the glucose.
      There is probably more reasons but this one seems most logical.


  • Andrea Hirsh

    I was frantically searching for a Mindy’s Pizza in Cherry Hill before I finished reading the article, and was disappointed that nothing came up.

    • DrHorvitz

      I will try to get the recipe for you if you ‘d like ; )