My Continuous Glucose Experiment Day 2

It’s Day 2 everyone.

Yes my Dexcom CGM meter is still intact and working, transmitting new glucose readings every 5 minutes to my Iphone via bluetooth.

Today I decided to test out a few items.

First: I continued an Intermittent Fast from dinner the night before with one exception. I had a 20 oz cup of tea with 1 teaspoon of honey. What do you think that did to my glucose levels??

Well prior to the tea/honey my glucose was 85. Following the tea/honey my glucose never shot up higher than mid 90’s. So it looks like I can continue to enjoy my tea in the morning.

Second: My lunch began a bit after 1PM. If we do NOT count the tea as breaking the fast, then I went about 19 hours without any food. Interestingly I was not that hungry for lunch but I enjoy sitting down with my wife for a meal at work, to break the work routine. I actually also enjoy her company. OK, everyone say Ahhh, how sweet!!!!

My lunch consisted of an average size Red Delicious apple with peanut butter. The peanut butter was a natural variety that only contained roasted peanuts and salt. No sugar or oils added. But the day before I did add about a teaspoon of honey and mixed it in to the butter but it really should not add that much in terms of carbohydrate content.

The peanut butter contained approximately 14g of protein, 35-40g of fat and 12 grams of carb. The apple added about another 14g of carb to the meal. If we break this down into %calories per we get the following:

Fat 40g x 9 calories = 360 calories

Protein 14g x 4 calories = 56 calories

Carbs 26g x 4 calories = 104 calories

Total calories 520

Fat % 360/520 = 69%

Protein % 56/520 = 11%

Carb % 104/520 = 20%

So this meal still meets the criteria for Low Carb/High Fat and even a mild ketogenic meal. I am not counting the fiber content as I am not sure how that will affect my readings.

So what happened to my glucose values??

AT 1PM my glucose was 77.

My last bite of food was at 126PM.

The highest my glucose levels went was 100 at 223PM, just about an hour after the meal ended. Once again, it took over 20 minutes from when I finished eating for my glucose levels to start rising. Our digestive process at work!!

I was at work most of the day so I did not get any real exercise in. I hope to get in a good walk in the morning to see what happens with my glucose values.

Third: Time for dinner. Maybe I was a little cocky thinking I had a good day so far, so my wife and I went to Healthy Garden for dinner.

I ordered what I usually order, tunafish wrapped in lettuce leaves. My wife wanted to split the french fries. If any of you know me well, one of my food cravings is potatoes, especially fries and chips. So I figured, hey why not. Have the french fries because it is all in the name of science. Maybe I’d be lucky and not have a large glucose surge.

Well now you know why I do not gamble, especially on hope.

At 626PM my glucose level was 80. I finished my meal about 640PM. At 713PM the glucose started rising.

723PM – 94

728PM – 105

733PM – 112

738PM – 120

743PM – 123

748PM – 128

753PM – 132


Actually my high was 149 at 823PM.

That’s a jump of 69 points over about an hour and a half.

I sit here typing away at 918PM and my glucose is still at 147.


So what did I learn from this???

Unfortunately it seems like french fries-probably potatoes in general, really do a number on my glucose. Unfortunately for me, I may have to avoid or at least greatly lessen my intake of the spuds, taters, potatoes, tubers, whatever you want to call them.

Some of you may say, “So what! Your glucose went up. That does not mean you are Diabetic.”

My answer is: You do not just become Diabetic overnight. Diabetes is a cumulative insult on your bodies metabolism. Abuse it with too many carbohydrates, over the amount that your body can handle, and you move down the path towards true Diabetes.

Since Diabetics have a greater risk of Heart disease over Non-Diabetics, I think lessening the carbohydrate intake would be a wise and healthy move.

Tomorrow I hope to again Intermittent Fast.

Hopefully some exercise in the morning before work.

Tea with honey in AM.

Another apple and peanut butter for lunch.

But dinner we are eating out and it may be a big holiday meal, so please pray for me that I do not over indulge.

Comments/Questions always welcome below.

To Good Health!



  • Andrea Hirsh

    I can’t believe that your glucose spiked that much, especially since you were eating with protein! I assume you’re fat-adapted and not a sugar burner; I would have expected this surge happening with someone who primarily gets their fuels from carbs, and not fat.

    • DrHorvitz

      Actually perhaps the fact that I think I am a fat burner, the glucose stays high as it has nowhere to go???
      Perhaps my insulin being lower than normal does not have the high octane necessary to push the glucose into my cells?
      Perhaps these are all adaptive responses that are in my favor?
      One can hope!