THE IMW WAY – December 2014


Please read thru this page to learn more about what is going on at the IMW and how we can help you take control of your health!

It is finally December! Whoopee, I think. Hopefully this Winter will be the opposite of last.

Let me take this time to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season!


* Dr. Horvitz will be away on vacation from December 28th, 2014 thru January 4th, 2015. Dr. H will be returning to the office on Monday January 5th, hopefully happy, well rested and with a slight tan ; ) If anyone has any pressing medical issues or is due for a visit at the IMW for prescription renewals during the time Dr. H is away, please schedule that visit for before Dr. H leaves.

** I would like to introduce a new member of the IMW Wellness Network. the Hearing professionals at Rem Audiology, .

REM Audiology believes that everyone in our community age 55 and over should receive an annual hearing screening as part of their overall wellness program. You can contact REM Audiology’s Voorhees office at 888-710-5734 or in Medford at 888-709-5565.

*** I would like to thank everyone who has become an IMW Wellness Plan member. Just a reminder that every IMW Wellness Plan comes with a few special perks.

-Each IMW Plan may receive a coupon good for 50% off of one therapeutic massage with known other than the IMW’s Julie Fischer.

-Each IMW Plan member receives 20% off of all IMW supplements purchased at our office.

-Each IMW Plan member receives one annual IMW Wellness exam including review and recommendations of the IMW-AWT (if completed) to improve your overall health and wellness.

-Each IMW Plan member has no copays for office visits at the IMW.

**** IMW Wellness Plan Fees for 2015- there is a slight change in the plans. We are changing the plan structure to accommodate for the number of family members in each plan. The IMW 2015 Wellness Plans are offered as follows:

Individuals – $799 if paid annually, or $69/month

Two family members – $1299 if paid annually, or $115/month

Three-Five family members – $1499 if paid annually, or $130/month

For families with more than five members there will be an added $150 annual fee, or $15/m per extra member.

IMW Advanced Wellness Testing:

The IMW Advanced Wellness Testing consists of testing from a few specialty laboratories. The IMW has utilized these labs for the past few years with many happy patients. Bonnie, the IMW’s medical assistant that you all should know by now, draws your fasting blood samples  and about two weeks later you are scheduled for a review and recommendation visit with Dr. H.

Let me use this time to review one part of the IMW-AWT. We will look at different sections each month. This month we will look at the plain old generic Lipid Profile. This panel consists of your Total Cholesterol, LDL (low density-bad cholesterol), HDL (high density-good cholesterol), Non-HDL cholesterol (everything but the HDL), and finally the Triglycerides.

While the Lipid panel measures all these separate tests, what I find important is how these relate to each other as opposed to how they are individually.

To keep it simple, take your Total Cholesterol value and divide it by your HDL value. For example if your Total Chol is 200 and your HDL is 60, your Total Chol / HDL ratio is 3.3 . What I find important is that individuals with a Total/HDL ratio of less than 4 have the lowest risk of heart disease. On the other side, if your ratio is greater than 5 you are at higher than average risk of heart disease. This ratio is the reason that a Total cholesterol by itself really does not tell us about risk. 

For example if you and your best friend both have a Total Cholesterol of 200, but you have an HDL of 60, but your friend has an HDL of 40, you have a ratio of 200/60 or 3.3 which is low risk for heart disease, while your friend has a ratio of 200/40 or 5.0 which is above average risk for disease.

IMW Pearl: If someone brags to you that their Total Cholesterol is lower than you, it really means nothing unless you know their HDL and thus their risk ratio.

The other part of this Lipid panel that is helpful is the Triglyceride level. To make this simple we like the Triglycerides to be below 100, or for even lower risk to be below 60. People with high triglycerides above 150 have higher than average risk of heart disease.

For information on how to improve your Lipid panel and your overall health, why not schedule your IMW Wellness exam and IMW-AWT???

Best of the IMW Blog:

In the late Fall, Dr. H decided to prove that you could eat a Paleo diet while still enjoying eating out. So Dr. H went to a few local South Jersey restaurants and burger joints and left reviews of each on his blog which can be found at

IMW on Social Media:

 The IMW had increased its social media presence. Besides our IMW newsletter, the IMW also has a blog, a twitter account- catch Dr H’s tweets @IMWHorvitz and most recently a Facebook page (please don’t forget to LIKE our FB page, please). Dr. H has over 1000 newsletter subscribers, 600 or so Twitter followers, and just over 100 Facebook Likes in just over a few months. If you partake in social media and have not yet signed up for the IMW newsletter and IMW blog, followed the tweets or Liked our Facebook page, well, what are you waiting for????

Wellness News

Have you had your IMW Wellness exam and IMW Advanced Wellness Testing (AWT)? This is included in your IMW Wellness Plan. If you are not in an IMW Wellness Plan the cost for the labdraw, review and the IMW Plan to Better Health is $249. But until December 31, 2014 we are offering this package for $199 for an individual, or $349 for a couple. Please note that for the couple discount the review and the IMW Plan to Better Health occurs together for the couple.

Just an FYI, the AWT is drawn at our office and sent to two separate wellness labs. These two labs perform the tests and bill your insurance directly. You may receive an explanation of benefits (EOB)  from your insurance. But the labs will NOT balance bill you or bill you for your deductible as long as you have active health insurance or Medicare. At the present time Medicaid is not accepted for the AWT. Plan on being at the IMW twice, once for the labdraw, and once for the up to one hourlong consultation, review and recommendations.

Flu Immunizations

Flushots are still available while supplies last and for 2014 are included as part of a Wellness Plan.

For everyone else, Flushots will be available for $20.


Now we will end this month’s IMW Way with some Horvitz’isms. Just what are Horvitz’isms? They are words of wisdom that somehow came out of Dr. H’s mouth at the IMW. So here are the latest Horvitz’isms .

“Cancer cells are nasty and love Sugar/carbohydrates, so please don’t feed the nasty!”

“If the only way you win is by being 100% perfect, you will always lose. “

“Health and wellness is an art, it is not paint by numbers.”

“Quick and easy is not necessarily healthy. “

Happy Holidays everyone!

 To Good Health!!!