Day 2 of the 2015 IMW Spring Challenge

Day 2:

“To go forward, one must often reverse one’s position.”  —Anonymous

Hmmm. If moving forward means losing some excess weight you gained, then perhaps you do need to reverse course and do something different.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over again, yet expecting different results. If you are looking to improve your health, then let’s get sane and change things around a bit, perhaps even reversing course.

So today’s challenge, which I will ask you to continue for the rest of the 2015 IMW Spring Challenge is to give up all grains and pasta.

Yeah I know. I am asking you to give up your “goodies”. I am asking you to give up things that other health professionals, insurers and our wonderful government all state are good and healthy. Well if you are on this challenge because you want to lose some weight, or lower your blood pressure, or improve your Diabetes, AND you are eating bread, cereal, pasta and grains, let me ask, “JUST HOW IS THAT GOING FOR YOU?”

You decided to accept this challenge. So I hope you will bear with this mini-challenge and truly give it your best effort.

My intentions are to help you to improve your overall health and wellness.

My intentions are to help you succeed.

My intentions are NOT to help you just try so you can say, “I tried but it didn’t work.”

So grains are gone. Yes that means no bread, bagels, pasta, doughnuts, wraps, cereal, rice, quinoa. That especially means NO WHEAT. Today’s wheat is not so wonderful. For more info on the dangers of wheat I will refer you to a few books/blogs,

“Wheat Belly”, by Dr. William Davis,

as well as

“Grain Brain”, by Dr. David Perlmutter.

Giving up grains is not just for today. Try and give them up for the remainder of the challenge, and by then you will notice how much better you feel and will probably not want to bring them back. Trust me on that!!

Any questions or comments?

If so please ask below in the comments section. I will do my best to answer.


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  • Janet Robertson

    ok I will try this for today….can you recommend some “snack” items that would replace the above? I usually have a granola bar in the afternoon.

    • doctorsh

      Janet: Thanks for the question. One of the purposes of the challenge is to “take you out of your comfort zone”, especially if you are not happy with your health where your comfort zone is.

      So when you “usually have a granola bar in the afternoon”, I would say do not.

      Skip breakfast, have a slighlty later lunch and then a normal dinner. With time your body will adapt to this intermittent fasting technique and your food cravings will diminish.


  • Maureen

    Any suggestions for dealing with withdraw head aches? I did the fast yesterday and avoided grains. Increasing water helps a little however I do not want to keep getting up throughout the night. I’ll figure part of last night was due to the heavy rain waking me up. thanks

    • doctorsh

      Maureen- Thanks for the question. There are plenty of theories as to why the withdrawl headaches occur. The one I believe is that as the body switches from a carb/sugar burning engine to a fat burning engine, it goes through a bit of it’s own challenge, to get up to speed.
      Increasing your water intake should help. Distraction helps even better. On days you intermittent fast, plan to keep yourself busy, occupied and out of the house. When you are able to distract yourself and put your energy and focus into other things, the intermittent fast goes by quicker, and often the withdrawal symptoms diminish.