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My Continuous Glucose Experiment Day 7

Oh boy. This one should be fun!!! So................... Today I decided to go off my normal low processed carb diet for part of the day. I wanted to see how my body reacts to a somewhat normal Standard American Diet (SAD). Instead of fasting until lunch with just a cup of tea, I instead drank a Black Cherry soda with 45 grams of carbohydrate, all in the form of sugar. There was not any high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). Let me say that the soda was delicious. I enjoyed every drop. Let me also tell you what I did not enjoy. Watching my glucose values spike. I began this carbohydrate journey...
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My Continuous Glucose Experiment Day 6

It's Day 6. I kinda knew this going into this experiment, but this kinda cements it. Processed food drives up your glucose. The past 48 hours have been good. For the most part I barely hit 100 as a high for my glucose levels. Most of today was good as well. For lunch I had a small salad with a tomato, cheese and tuna fish with some homemade Russian dressing. The minimal amount of ketchup(sugar) in the dressing did not bother my glucose as I barely approached 100. So minimally processed food and glucose control. I worked at my office this evening. I returned home about 730PM and had dinner with the...
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My Continuous Glucose Experiment- Day 5

Day 5: I think I am finally getting the hang of this. But before I go into today's details, let me tell you something. I was at dinner last evening with family. I saw someone pull out a little black box and look at it. It was a receiver for his own Dexcom continuous glucose monitor (cgm). He has had one for quite a while and loves it. He told me he has been Diabetic since the age of 11. He is now in his low 70's with a HbA1C of 7.1 . That is considered excellent control in the mainstream world. I actually think other than...
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My Continuous Glucose Experiment- Day 4

Day 4- the halfway point. The device is still attached to me. I barely noticed it was there today. SO yesterday I was not that happy that the previous day my glucose levels were remaining above 100 or the high 90s for long periods of time. So I asked myself, what can I do to get these numbers back to a healthier more reasonable metabolic area? Funny that when I ask myself things, I usually answer them as well. But I do all this in my head so you probably will not see me walking around talking to myself out loud. So I decided to continue with my...
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My Continuous Glucose Experiment Day 3

Well, I made it to day 3 with this Dexcom device in my abdomen. It's really not bad at all. I was smart when I had it placed on my left side as I tend to sleep on my right side. What's funny is I keep forgetting it is there and I feel something and keep thinking a big bug is on my side. Luckily before I decide to panic and swat it I remember it is there and have a silent chuckle to myself. So Day 2 ended with higher glucose levels than I preferred. They were not in the Diabetic range, but I would call them...
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My Continuous Glucose Experiment Day 2

It's Day 2 everyone. Yes my Dexcom CGM meter is still intact and working, transmitting new glucose readings every 5 minutes to my Iphone via bluetooth. Today I decided to test out a few items. First: I continued an Intermittent Fast from dinner the night before with one exception. I had a 20 oz cup of tea with 1 teaspoon of honey. What do you think that did to my glucose levels?? Well prior to the tea/honey my glucose was 85. Following the tea/honey my glucose never shot up higher than mid 90's. So it looks like I can continue to enjoy my tea in the morning. Read more2 comments

My Continuous Glucose Experiment

As most of you know by now, I have a large interest in human metabolism and how it helps or hurts your health. One of the most common metabolic disorders in my practice is Obesity which is linked with Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes, Hypertension and Heart Disease. There are actually many more disease states linked with the above issues, but that would take a few books to go into.

So instead I will hopefully be putting out a few posts on my own experiment. I decided to have my glucose (sugar) levels checked every 5 minutes for one week. I guess I will have pretty sore fingers...

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Guest Post- Stomach Acid: It’s Not a Problem of Having Too Much!

We have a guest poster. Let me introduce Andrea: "I'm enrolled in the Nutritional Therapy Consultant Program through the Nutritional Therapy Association based in Olympia, WA.  Dr. Horvitz piqued my interest in nutrition when he told me to check out the paleo diet 15 years ago, and I've been hooked on learning as much as I can about diet and health since then.  I know how frustrating it can be to not feel well all the time, and how discouraged I was when doctors consistently pushed drugs and medical procedures at me without even considering how what we eat affects our health.  I've dedicated myself to help achieve...
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How to succeed in Health and Wellness in 2016

In health and wellness we often strive to do the best we can. But how do we accomplish this? At the IMW we try to take the human approach that lives in reality and does not set unattainable and difficult to achieve goals. This is important in health and wellness as well as most areas of life. IMW Health and Wellness Goal #1 - Set healthy realistic goals Goals are important but to achieve a goal there must be preparation and planning involved if you want to have a good chance to succeed. For example if you are a student and want to get an A on your...
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Ask DrH and you may be answered – Vol 2

In the second segment of AskDrH, I received a question about a ketogenic diet. So I decided to ask Jimmy Moore, who has written and few books on ketogenic diets to respond.

"Dear Dr. H,
I presently test my blood for the presence of Ketones using a blood monitor meter. My question is when is the best time of day for testing blood ketones; at night or in the morning? I've read two separate reports with opposite opinions. One said AM and the other said a more accurate reading will result at the end of the day. What is...
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