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Ok I am back and ready to get back to spreading health and wellness in 2013. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and introduction to the New year! I do need to talk a bit about my vacation. I do not take many, but they are always fun and relaxing when they do occur.











While I am a definite low processed carb diet advocate  when on vacation I have less control of the menu and need to think on my feet a bit. More on that later. Our trip started with a taxi to the airport. We skimped a bit on this part of our budget as indicated by our driver pictured below.


But then again a couple doggie beef jerky treats are cheaper than paying a real cabbie.
We went on a cruise.
If you have not been, there is certainly no shortage of food. Unfortunately, even I, your low carb Paleo-ish doc gained a few pounds. But the beauty of the Paleo Low Carb lifestyle is that you can get right back into gear at any time.  I dropped a few pounds the first two days back and hope to take off a few more. During a cruise, If you want to avoid gaining weight, you need a plan to have a good time, indulge in some “goodies” but do not go “overboard” ( pun certainly intended) in your indulgences.
Speaking of indulgences, my wife, daughter and I sat a table with 2 other families. One of the couples was from the Cleveland area. If I was not afraid of getting a cease and desist letter in the mail, I would post a picture of one of my dining mates. As soon as I met him, the first thing that came to mind was Governor Chris Christie. Not only in size, as my table mate was pretty big, although not as hefty as Governor Christie, but he sure ate like him. While I generally ordered an appetizer, salad, main course, and on occasion a dessert to try, my Cleveland area friend generally ordered double portions of each. But that did not include lobster night when he had double lobster along with a steak, and do not forget the multiple appetizers and desserts. So if you want to gain weight, just follow Governor Christies dining stunt double. It is assured to help you put on at least ten pounds.
Cruises are not just about food. They are also about relaxing and usually that means getting some sun. Remember my motto.
“Sun exposure is good.  Sunburn is bad.” Sun exposure helps in many ways, the most popular being to help you produce more Vitamin D.
Most doctors, especially dermatologists have us fearing the sun.
“Put on your sunblock. Avoid the sun” is what dermatologists love to say.
Well I can honestly say that I did not use any sunscreen, and I am doing fine. In fact here is a picture of me on a rock after spending a few hours in the sun.
Ha Ha!!
Not everyone can enjoy the sun as I do. If you have fair skin, blue eyes, or freckle a lot, you may be best to avoid too much sun. But that is best handled by wearing more clothing and not being outside during the strongest sun of the day. I prefer not to use chemical sunscreens as they have tons of chemicals.  I heard someone say once not to put anything on your skin you wouldn’t eat. Sunscreen fits that bill.
Relaxation and recharging the batteries are also important for any vacation. Lowering your overall stress gives your body a chance to rest and heal. While I very much enjoy and rarely get stressed by my work, being away from it for even just a week really feels different.
I have found that too much stress, whether it be physical or emotional, can play havoc with your immune system. Our immune systems need to work optimally, and any disturbance in its actions can cause illness. Have you ever wondered why you get sick when you are stressed?? It is the interplay of stress hormones and your immune system.
sunset in ocean
So it is now 2013!
Do not feel like your back is up against a 40 foot high wall when it comes to your health!
fort wall in san juan h and
Let the Institute for Medical Wellness help you navigate through all the healthcare media mumbo jumbo and show you how you can gain  or maintain optimal health in 2013!
Do not forget. Our 2013 IMW Wellness Challenge will be open for sign up soon!
To Good Health!!
  • norma

    Great to see Ellie driving again.

  • Carol & Stephen Zagorski

    Dr. Horvitz,

    You ROCK!!!!!
    Happy and Healthy New Yoar to you and yours…..
    We are moving shortly to Pennsylvania, but WILL keep you as our Doctor…..

  • Adele Gravel

    Hi Dr. H.,
    Glad to hear you enjoyed a well-deserved vacation with your wife and daughter! Just wanted to let you know that we won’t be seeing you as often because Serge & I are moving to Florida this month. But we will be back to visit often and should we need a doctor’s wisdom & advice, you’ll be the first one we call! Thank you so much for all of your great attention and spot-on diagnoses over the years! You are an original, never change!!

    • DrHorvitz

      Adele and Serge:

      Sorry to hear you are moving to the sunny state of Florida! I am sure though that the move will be a good one for you.
      As for me changing, I do not think I could even if I tried!!


  • heidi and jim larusso

    Hi there Dr. Horvitz!

    Happy New Year to you and your family! Glad to hear you had a fun vacation. Enjoyed the commentary and pics………………See you soon!!!

  • http://none Janice Clements

    Thank you for sharing. You’re always so funny and I get a big kick out of how your mind works. Loved the picture of you sunning yourself, for instance, LOL. See what I mean!!! Lovely pictures, happy you and your family had a nice time. What a treat to have you as my Docter.

  • Rose Maher

    Dr Steve, we always enjoy your humor, we are glad you had a great time and we can now feel safe to get sick.

  • Rose

    Dr Steve, we always enjoy your humor, we are glad you had a great time and we can now feel safe to get sick. You are back in town!!!!

    • DrHorvitz

      Yes Rose!
      I am back in town.
      But please do not get sick!!!

  • Cathleen Kelso

    Happy Holiday and Happy New Year to the three of you! Thank you Dr Horvitz for taking what’s another lousy day and putting a smile on my face! Seeing you and your family have such a wonderful time touchs my heart and listening to your humor always makes me laugh and seems to be good medicine for me
    My only regret is that I didn’t find you sooner to be my physician!

  • Karin Lukiewski

    Welcome back Dr Horvitz
    I, too, really enjoyed your vacation via the hilarious comments and, I also loved the photo of you on the rock after foregoing the sunscreen..I can’t stop laughing..they say laughter is the best medicine…and how blessed to have a caring doctor with a fantastic sense of humor!!
    Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talents.
    May God bless you and your family this New Year.

  • Paula Fairley

    Welcome home, Dr. H. I really enjoyed your vacation pictures. Along with your commentary, they made me laugh…especially the picture of a suntaned you resting on a rock:-). Hppy New Year. May you continue to be blessed as we are so blessed by you. See you soon. Paula

  • Susan Dare

    Looks like a great trip!