DrH’s Famous Omelet


DrH’s Famous Omelet

I love eggs. Eggs are a fantastic food with tons of vitamins and healthy protein and fat. Believe it or not, much of the vitamin and healthy fat content comes from the yolk, not the white of the egg. So please always use the whole egg, unless you have allergies.

I have experimented with cooking eggs for many years.  It started way back in high school when scrambled eggs were my thing. Back then the key was not to burn the butter, or let the eggs stick to the pan. Now we have non-stick pans which prevent the sticking, but there may be some debate over whether they are healthy for us. I will leave that debate for others.

Over the past 5 years I began to enjoy omelets. What started as a plain cheese omelette has morphed into whatever fresh vegetable I have gets put inside. Here is one of my favorite omelets, recipe and pics included.



3 organic eggs

Organic Whole milk about 1-2 tablespoons- grass-fed antibiotic and hormone free if possible

Spices such as salt, black and white pepper, paprika, onion and garlic powder.

1-2 tabs of butter

3 pieces off asparagus, woody ends removed. Cut into thin slices diagonally

1-2 slices of chopped onion

roasted red pepper chopped into small slices- I get these at Costco in a jar and then “doctor” them up with garlic olive oil and some italian spices

Some baby spinach leaves

1-2 pieces of thinly sliced cheese, I prefer American.

Here is everything cut up.

I use a 10 inch non-stick omelet pan, a glass measuring cup for the egg mixture, a silicon spatula and a fork to beat the eggs

Crack three eggs into the measuring cup being careful not to get any shell mixed in.


If I ever bite into a shell when I am eating eggs, I automatically throw up! Actually I don’t, but my father would always threaten me with throwing up if I ever got egg shells in his eggs. No, I never put egg shells in on purpose, after all he put me through school!!  Add in the milk and spices listed above to taste and mix well with fork.

Heat a nonstick Omelet pan on medium setting.  Add butter and melt.

When the butter is hot and bubbly but not brown, add in asparagus. Sauté for a minute. Add in some more black and white pepper to asparagus. Next add in chopped onions and sauté another minute. Then add the roasted red pepper, sauté for 30 seconds and add in baby spinach. Continue sautéing this mixture until spinach has wilted and is mixed in well with veggies. It should look something like this and smell absolutely amazing! Nothing better than the aroma of veggies sautéing in melted butter!!

Now for the fun part!!!

Add egg mixture to pan. Lightly move around veggies in center and then let eggs start to set on pan. As eggs are starting to set on the sides of the pan lift pan gently to one side and let unset egg mixture move under set eggs to cook better.


Continue this until most of egg mixture has set.


Lower the heat to low and add the cheese to the center of the omelet.

Turn off the heat and lift 1/3 of egg on right side over towards the middle. Do the same with the left.

Then have some fun. Making sure that the Omelet is not sticking to any part of the pan, flip the omelet over to finish cooking the other side.

Plate the Omelet and enjoy!

Here is what your omelet will look like on the plate a few minutes later.


Where did it go?

Where do you think it went???

Now many of you reading this think that eggs are bad for you, or you should limit them due to their fat and cholesterol content.

Well ignore all of that, eat them and enjoy them!

They are one of natures perfect foods.

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Happy reading and I hope you enjoy your eggceptional, eggsquisite, eggsstraordinary omelet and I hope you had an eggsciting time making it!


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