About Us

An independent practice committed to offering the absolute best care – without compromise.

Dr. Steven Horvitz, your personal health advocate.
In 2008, after over 10 years in private practice, I established The Institute for Medical Wellness. My objective was to create an independent practice to offer patients the absolute best care – without compromise. My priority is to serve as your primary personal advocate for health and wellness by combining traditional, old-fashioned values with modern day medical expertise.
What should you expect from your physician?
Compromise is a word that should never be associated with your personal healthcare. Yet many patients today have been forced to compromise when it comes to their care. In recent years, the focus of healthcare has become centered on a system rather than the person. The result: hurried, impersonal office visits, lack of accessibility, and a lower standard of care. This shift has alienated both patient and doctor. Like my father, I entered the medical field with a passion and commitment to provide comprehensive, quality care. But, policies and procedures have threatened to compromise my ability to offer the high standards and attention I believe my patients have a right to expect. The Institute for Medical Wellness is dedicated to your health and well-being – not quotas and administrative regulations. Here you can expect to be greeted with a warm smile, and an open mind. The Institute for Medical Wellness is your personal medical home.
Finally, a family practice where the emphasis is on YOU!
Trust is the basis of any good doctor/patient relationship. As your sole primary physician, you can trust that you have my undivided attention. Understanding that the personal connection of the doctor/patient relationship is built on communication, your office visits are never hurried. Extra time is spent listening, answering your questions and focusing on your individual concerns. Appointments are convenient and often same day, as are return calls. In addition, my staff and I are available to help you navigate the system. From diagnostic tests to lab work to specialist visits, we will help to coordinate your total care. In short, the emphasis of my practice is on you!
A partnership for prevention.
Prevention is the hallmark of good healthcare. As your proactive partner in health, I am devoted to helping you stay healthy. My website and e-mail newsletters are designed to educate you about the latest updates in medicine. The Institute for Medical Wellness, offers wellness options, guidance and alternatives through a community of qualified professionals.

By promoting regular check-ups, helping you make balanced and healthy lifestyle choices, and through timely reminders about routine and recommended testing, we can work collaboratively to keep you well.

At the Institute For Medical Wellness, we dig deeper and work harder to uncover your true risks of disease. We offer specialized testing and evaluations to keep you well, and lower your health risks.

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